Social Responsibility

At PTC we love our work in contributing to the success of an organization.

When we look up from our task, though, we see that there are many people on this planet who need more basic help.

It is PTC’s perception that business must be conducted with respect for the entire society and environment that we live in. So that future generations can have the same chance for as rich a life as us, we must live and run our business with a long-term perspective.

Our Philosphy

For us at PTC, it is important that we are able to contribute to spreading knowledge about sustainable business and social responsibility. Through our specially adapted training courses and consultancy services, we help our customers deliver products and services in a responsible way and with minimal environmental impact. It is naturally also extremely important to us that we operate our own business to the same guidelines.

Our Experience

Over the years, PTC has also chosen to support different organizations and initiatives to create the conditions for a better life for more people on earth. It is a stated ambition that a share of PTC‘s profits should go to charitable organizations.