Work at PTC

Our business is built on our people and the exceptional work we deliver for our clients.


You will have the opportunity

to create a personalized

and unique career path.

We put together the right teams of experts with the confidence, based on practical experience, to challenge conventional thinking.

Our promises

We promise our consultants a career of unparalleled professional satisfaction, personal development and long-term compensation.

To keep this promise, we ensure that a career-development framework is in place that enables advancement through PTC at a rate commensurate with the ability of each individual.

Progression is based on merit,

not time served.

High performers will progress

as fast as they desire.

Accurate feedback to individuals on how they are doing, and on what they need to do to advance, strikes a balance between placing the primary responsibility on the individual to develop and providing the personal and infrastructure support they need.

Our approach

Our performance criteria are clearly defined. To enable you to undertake new roles successfully, you will be given training and coaching. As you develop your skills, experience and qualifications, you will progress.

If you have the experience and talent to work with high-calibre colleagues on complex and high-profile projects, we would be interested in receiving your application. It is not just what you have done that interests us, it is rather what you are capable of achieving.