How We Work

What all assignments have in common is that PTC starts from the client's interests and perspective. Most often the collaboration therefore starts with an introductory situation analysis that maps the business and lays the foundation for the continued work.

Training Programs

PTC’s comprehensive training programs within a number of areas are an excellent starting point for creating more long-term collaboration within skills development. Together with you, we create an optimal portfolio of training courses open to your employees. This can be a combination of both open and in-house training courses.
We are very flexible when it comes to how and where training is carried out, but we never skimp on quality. Our goal is always to receive the highest marks for the training, and our many references and satisfied participants in our training courses are a good sign of this.

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The Consultancy Assignment

A specially selected team is put together containing participants both from the client and PTC.

We usually say that a successful introduction of changes to a business begins on day one of an assignment, by involving employees from your organization in an appropriate manner along the way. This creates commitment and ownership which give the best conditions for permanent change.

The work is generally divided into stages, with carefully defined milestones. A formal assessment is done at the end of each stage to ensure that the expected results have been achieved and to decide upon the forthcoming work. Things develop in a transparent manner during the team’s work together with other employees.

Solutions are developed to concrete problems and methods are well established and adapted to the business. We are not satisfied until you feel ownership of the result.

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